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Transitioning from Career Coaching to List Building

I have written this post to help some of you who may be wondering why I moved from Career Coaching and CV writing to talking about email lists and getting customers online. This post helps you understand why I made that decision and see how the business has done.

I started my first online business in 2016 and from then it has been quite a journey. Many people who follow me know that for the longest time, I ran an animation business and a business automation business at different points both on the side of my full time job working in HR at a Multinational.

Those 2 businesses were full of ups and downs and I went through a good number of coaches, spent thousands of dollars was very disappointed until I met my coach who through his process helped me see that I should have been doing a very different business. That's how my Career Counselling business was born.

It was the perfect fit for me at the time. I had recently quit my job at the multinational I worked for so I was in a better space to do something relating to HR without feeling like it would be a conflict of interest. Plus my entire background had been in HR so it made sense. I started it and got a lot of business. In fact, I surprised myself because I was very sceptical that a career coaching business would take off so well.

I remember one day, my friend was saying to me that who would pay to have you teach them how to write a CV when they can just google it. To be honest, that's what I also thought before I started the business. I happily proved both my friend and myself wrong.

Even though the business was doing well, I knew I would only do this CV and Career Coaching business for a while. It was what my coach called a 'practice business'. Simply put a practise business is a business you use to learn how to build a business. You use it to test out your theories and learn the ins and outs of building and running a profitable business. I had run the Career Coaching and CV business for a while when I got the opportunity to work at one of the big 4 consulting firms. This is an experience I had imagined having and so didn't want to pass it up without even tasting it. Also since this opportunity was in HR Consulting, there was potentially going to be a conflict of interest which I wanted to make sure to avoid. 

I saw it as an opportunity to change my niche and think about applying what I had learned from my practise business in another area or something I was more interested in building a business around.

When I had decided I needed to change my niche, the next question was what I would change it to and it took some research but one day, as I pored over a list of business ideas my coach had shared it suddenly dawned on me that I could teach people about email lists. When you think about it, that is one of the most consistent denominators for any business owner who actually has been successful over a long period of time online.

It's something I had learned about extensively on my own journey and so it just made sense. I was always telling my friends about building their email lists, in fact one of my breakthrough case studies I use are for a client I helped with building her email list, so I also already had results, both mine and this clients. I spoke to my business best friend and at first she wondered if it would work.

You see nobody we knew was teaching people about email lists and funnels as a stand alone, everyone we knew taught about it as an add on to something. E.g my business best friend teaches people about personal branding and she also teaches them about using email lists to grow their personal brand. Another popular Entrepreneur teaches people about courses and teaches them about using email lists to grow their online course business. However, no one else was focused on helping people understand how impactful email lists are for building your business and really that's what sets businesses apart online as it is one of the biggest drivers of revenue for businesses online.

The more we talked about it and I researched, the more it made sense. Once I made the decision to go ahead with it, it only took me a weekend to get started and that same week I got over 100 email subscribers and 4 customers. It was over whelming! This was a new business that I didn't tell all my family and friends about. The rest they say in History. Today I have generated way over $10,000 from this business and have over 15k email subscribers who read from me very often. All of this happened within 4 months of running the business.

I'm so grateful and excited about the next phase. I have great plans in store for the people who follow my teaching and who really want to explore the full potential of their businesses online. Stay tuned!

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