Right now, it feels like I’ve hit jackpot. I promise, this is not a scam. I realised recently that it’s actually possible to build high quality products without writing a single line of code. Plus guess what! Newsflash! it’s so much easier. I know, I know, I’m learning to code etc. Thing is the purpose for me, has always been to build quality products not necessarily to know for the sake of knowing. Right now, I do not have plans to be a full time developer, as far as I know. Which is why, when I found that there were apps that help you achieve the same purpose, I’m like ‘headflip’, “I better get in line”.

To start, I have had an idea for building a Social Network for people interested in Social Work, Community Development, Global goals, those type of things. I had been planning out a full mobile app, and that’s why I was learning Android, majorly. Plus some other ideas I had. I watched Tara Reed recently, (Shout out to her), and watched a video where she talked about Mighty Network. I had never heard of them before then, I quickly checked them out and voila. It turns out it’s exactly what I need to launch the MVP of my Product. I launched 2 days ago and it’s been really interesting. I am now, learning about how to build a large community and drive engagement etc.


As for the other app ideas I have, I Found out about Bubble.is on Producthunt.com (Shout out to them). Then I realised I can do this, so watch out, as I am working on another app, and hoping that it would be a huge success. At least I can launch a very basic prototype to know if it’s even worth it. I’m so excited about all the things I can achieve using these platforms. Another great tool for helping to build no code solutions, especially for handling the API side of things, for basic requests is Zapier (shoutout to them). It only makes sense right, I never really thought of Zapier in such serious terms. I always just relegated them to the light stuff, but turns out, those light things are not so light lol. People build the entire back end of their app using good ol’ Zapier and good ol’ Sheets. Life is easy, why make it difficult.

Launch your MVP today! I read something recently.

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you have launched too late. — Reid Hoffman​

I completely agree

I completely agree. If you have a product idea and don't know where to start? then let's talk.

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