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One thing you Need More than a CV Review

Some time ago, someone approached me to review her CV and as usual, I told her what the investment would be. She felt she was ready for it so, she went ahead. Now during my CV review/Career Session, I typically don't start off by telling you what I think you can improve on your CV, this is because I may be dead on wrong. What I do instead, is ask you about your Career, your dreams your goals and I have a specific set of questions I go through one after the other that helps you uncover exactly what's going on your career and it becomes clear to you your next step.

When we went through this exercise, I realised that based on what she had shared with me, what her dreams were, what she felt she was passionate about and what she had experience in, her CV was just all over the place. I wouldn't share the specifics, but she was pitching herself as a generalist when what she really wanted to be was a specialist. Another example is someone who I went through this exercise with and she realised that even though she wanted Career A in another company, what would really give her a leg in was what she was doing currently.

This is what happens to many people. The minute they feel they would like to either get a new job or when they are leaving school and realise that it's time to hit the job market, they think the very first thing to do is review their CV, when indeed it is not. The very first step is what I call the Dream step. You've got to sit down and ask yourself

  • Where am I going?
  • Where do I see myself?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What gives me energy?
  • What do I want to be remembered for?
It's better to think about these things and not come up with any answers than to not think about them at all. Even though your Career my not be your God-given purpose, it plays an important role in helping you achieve or hindering you from achieving whatever dream you have. You have to make your plans understanding how all the different parts play together!

Don't just jump at having a CV review, go for a comprehensive Career planning and review session. if you would like to experience Career Planning with me(A one on one session which also comes with a CV review), simply email our team with and someone would reach out to have you book a slot.

*This is a paid program with a starting investment of $200 or =N=72,000.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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