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How to Launch Quickly

3 Simple Steps to Bringing Your Idea to Life

One thing that is important to me is testing my idea quickly. You can have many ideas, in fact people say that ideas are a dime a dozen, in Nigeria, that just simply means that ideas are a kobo a dozen. If you put your mind to it, in a day you can come up with many ideas. What sets each idea apart is the work put into it to make it a reality. That's why I'm going to share with you 3 simple steps to bring your ideas to life and test it.

1. Wait.

I know that this may sound a bit contrary to the title, but truth is before you launch, it's good to have at least a sense that it is a good idea. I find many times that when I have an idea, waiting a bit before working on it helps me see if the idea was just a passing one or if it would solve a real problem. The ideas that have succeeded for me are the ones that I spent time thinking and talking about the most. A simple trick to know whether an idea is worth your stress, is to wait. You should be very clear about what problem you are trying to solve with your idea. What do you do in your waiting period? You read, research competition and talk about it a lot!!! Many times, people feel that talking about it gives it away and someone will steal your precious idea. While this may be true in some cases, the truth is that most times, people are too concerned about their own lives to bother about chasing your own dreams. Bringing ideas to life usually takes a lot of work, so if someone actually steals your idea, they may already have been thinking about it, or it's too easy to implement. If the latter is the case, then you wouldn't have lasted in the market anyway, so let it go or make it better. Also, just because someone launches something similar to yours, does not in anyway mean that you can't launch yours. Competition is good, especially for the people you are serving with your product or service. It keeps you on your toes, and ensures they value your services.

2. Write

The next thing I would advise you to do after waiting, researching and talking about your idea, is to begin planning. Yes you may have written some things down, but you need to document clearly what problem you are trying to solve, what your business model is or how you plan to make money from the idea. You also need to put together and analyse your findings. Whether it's interviews after talking to people about your idea or it's the research you did on how people currently solve the problem. Putting everything together, helps you see a pattern and helps you see where your idea clearly fits. Trust me sometimes, you may start a service, or build a product and somewhere along the line get lost on what problem you are actually solving. It's easy to tell when you get to this point because you keep going off scope with your new features or new services and you pile them on by the day, without proper scrutiny or alignment to your mission.

3. Build.

Better to launch a simple shadow of your prospective business, than launch nothing at all.

Finally, which is very important, build something. This applies to whether you want to start a service or a product. If you are starting a service, you may need to build a portfolio or test out your practices, by offering your service for free. Open your instagram page, get a logo for your business and you'll see that it'll begin to feel like one. If you are launching a product, you can build a prototype of it that would help you deliver the service you initially wanted your product to offer. You can build a website that can be an outer shell, while your back operations are manual until you prove the concept. Alternatively, you can find an app or platform that would help you deliver a very basic form of the service, while you decide if this is something you want to dive into and build the first proper prototype.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

There you have it. 3 steps to launching your product really quickly. If you read between the lines, you would see that each step was pregnant with other steps. The journey to launch day is a long one, but well rewarding. It's very fulfilling to see an idea that you nursed privately coming to life and helping people live better lives all around the country and all around the world. If you would like to have me lead you on this journey, click on the button below and get started.

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