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How to Become a Nigerian Developer for Beginners

Zikoko-like Listicle

Join The ALC

ALC stands for Android Learning Community and that's how I learnt to code myself... After all, what is a beginners journey without a little hand holding?

Join Radar & Dev Center

This is how you register your membership in the Tech ecosystem. If you are a UX Newbie, then Usable is there for you.

Use UI/UX after every few words. Or say Git, commit, bug etc. (hahaha)

How else will the world know that you know your stuff? Mere people do not know what those words mean, so carry on.

Say these words slowly - I am a Developer!

This is arguably the hardest part about being a 'Developer'. Impostor Syndrome is real, and you constantly feel you have no idea and feel the need to qualify your skills by saying you are a beginner!

Create a cool app.

That doesn't really do anything, then show all your friends.

Learn about the latest technology

You do not want to be lost when Chris (The Js Evangelist) begins to talk about PWAs (If you don't know what that means, then start from there).

Go for Tech meet-ups

Because where else will you show off your new knowledge without people rolling their eyes at you and thinking "What is wrong with this one?"

Believe with All your heart, that Tech is as essential as air

Tech will change the way we breathe!

Go and be awesome!

Now create real products that actually solve a pressing problem.

On a more serious note though, if you are serious about solving problems with technology, you may not need to learn to code to validate your idea, except you want to introduce something groundbreaking or you want to build a career as a Developer? I'll advise you to look around, see what's available before investing that time.

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