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5 Signs Your Job is not going Well

I remember when I got my first job and how excited I was. I had dreamed about that day for many years. I had just finished my compulsory year of National Youth Service (Called NYSC in Nigeria) and I had applied for a Contract position at a Multinational. When I made my application, I knew I had competition so I wasn't quite sure I'll get the job. I still remember the day I got the call. I had just taken a shower when I got the call and I just got on my knees so grateful to God.

It was a Contract job, but before long I went through another Assessment and got into the Management Trainee Program. All my time in University, I knew I wanted to work in HR, I just didn't know what exactly I would be doing. I studied HR, so it made sense. 2 years into my time as a HR person, I began to feel like there was so much more of me that I wasn't using. The excitement I felt at the start began to wane when I moved from more project focused roles, to more routine and settled roles. The slowdown in certain activities, because suddenly my new job didn't need them, made me feel like my brain was gradually dying and it was the worst feeling.

Today, I'm sharing with you 5 important signs to watch out for in your Career so that you don't miss out on having the best experience you can have. Some of these signs I have experienced first hand.

You are not Operating at Full Capacity

Sometimes, people are content in jobs that get them to use only a small percentage of their full capacity, but for me - this is a danger signal because it means that I would not grow. Typically, when you are able to stretch yourself, you see yourself doing things that you may not have thought you can do and that's a refreshing feeling. It also sets you up and prepares you for bigger roles in the future. On one specific job, I felt like I could do my job with my eyes closed and that was not a great thing.

You are Not Inspired

Inspiration comes in many forms and can be for various aspects of your job or the logical next step in your career. If you do not feel energised when you do your job or any aspect of your job. Also, if you do not feel inspired by the logical next step in the process, that can be another tell tale sign that things need to change.

You have a Toxic Boss

In many Organisations, the norm is that your Boss to a large extent plays a significant role in how your Career shapes out. Your Boss can be your make or break. When you have a Boss that constantly talks down on you, never takes the time to correct you, bad mouths you to others or causes you constant grief in other ways, you can be sure that is not a great sign. All Bosses are not evil, so if you have an evil Boss then you know that things need to change.

Toxic Work Environment

Toxic Bosses are one thing - They affect your mind. However, a toxic and unhealthy work environment is another ball game entirely that is not great for anyone because it affects your health. If you find yourself with unhealthy amounts of exposure to pollution either air pollution, noise pollution or other environmental hazards, I typically would advice that you get yourself as far away from the situation as you can. As this can spiral into something very serious that you cannot manage by yourself.

You are not Aligned with Your Core "Why"

Some people would refer to this as your purpose and in some sense this is true. But it goes a level beyond what people would normally refer to. Typically you can deal with a few "unaligned activities" but if your job has no connection , not even the slightest with your reason for getting up each day and pushing through life, then it's worth asking yourself if you deserve such a disconnected life? 


Those are 5 signs you can look out for, however it goes far beyond these 5. let me know in the comment section if there are other signs you consider to be valid, that you may have experienced or know anyone who has.


You can also share in the comments if you have had first hand experience of any of these signs. What happened, how did you handle it and what was the result?

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